Majority of Americans think Snowden was right to leak

A forthcoming Yougov survey found that 55 percent of Americans believe Edward Snowden was right to leak the details of Prism (it's not clear whether they were surveyed on other leaks).

Nearly one in two employed Americans name constitutional rights as the reason for their support of Snowden’s exposure of PRISM: 44 percent of employed Americans cite their civil rights as key reasons that they support Snowden’s cause. Snowden supporters tend to be younger: Just 20 percent of young adults aged 16-34 believe Snowden’s actions were wrong, compared to 41 percent of adults aged 55 or older.

More than half of those surveyed (51 percent) don’t know if their employers have taken measures to ensure that corporate files are secure. Only 32 percent of respondents report that their employer has taken such steps.

Thirty-seven percent of employed Americans say they have not taken any steps in the last year to ensure personal digital security, according to the survey. Forty percent of employed Americans say they have created stronger passwords, while one in four (26%) have created different passwords for different online accounts.

A Year Later, Most Americans Think Snowden Did The Right Thing [Tim Wilson/Dark Reading]

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  1. 75 percent of Americans support the use of torture:

    Would be interesting to talk to the folks in the overlapping circle of "support torture" and "support Snowden."

  2. From the article:
    *Do you think the use of torture against suspected terrorists who may know
    details about future terrorist attacks against the US is...?
    Always justified
    Sometimes justified
    Rarely justified
    Never justified
    Not sure*

    Three of the five choice give you "Torture is Justifiable". Random answers and eliminating the 'not sure' gives you a 75% approval.. Bad poll question, bad! Down boy!

  3. It's still not a cheery thought when you compare percentage of Americans who think he was right with percentage of everyone else in the world.

  4. You should wait to actually read the poll result along with the question(s) before commenting on whether the articles was disingenuous.

    /But actually came to say: "So, I'm sure that the politicians will let these polls results guide their decisions. Yeah...

  5. I care about his well-being because of gratitude, and also TORTURE. I believe our threshold for calling torture torture in this country is FAR TOO LOW.

    Throwing someone into solitary for more than a few hours (like, 6 MAX) is TORTURE. Depriving them of normal Maslow things, is TORTURE. Yes, criminals should be punished. But criminals are not criminals until they are convicted, in my book. The Chelsea Mannings, illegal immigrants and Ed Snowdens of the world don't deserve to be treated as criminals before their trials. They get TORTURED and PUNISHED well before any determination of guilt or sentencing. THAT IS WRONG.

    So, I care about his well-being because he did the right thing, but also on humanitarian, humane grounds. Just like if I had a family member being charged with a crime, I would want them to be held in a safe jail, free from psychological anguish, not deprived and able to freely move about and keep a normal schedule and life, even if incarcerated. What we have now is a corporatist HELL, and it's WRONG. MORE CAPITAL LETTERS JUST BECAUSE.

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