She just wanted beer

Lidia Zuradzka, 52, of Wheeling, Illinois, was charged with burglary after entering a stranger's home and taking a can of beer. Subsequently challenged by a resident, she reportedly responded "I want beer."

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  1. Of course, I immediately imagined her saying that with Helena's accent from Orphan Black.

  2. I saw an old episode of Cops or some show. They were chasing a guy in his pickup, driving erratically. They chased him for 30 minutes. Then they laid down spike strips and blew all his tires. He kept driving until the tires disintegrated off the rims. Then he drove on the rims. When those overheated, he slid off the road and into a ditch. When they peeled him out of his truck, he declared through inebriated sobs, "I need a beer!"

    Drunks. There's no stoppin' em. Throw her in jail. She needs to sober up.

  3. In post-Soviet diaspora, article of speech drink you.

  4. All she wanted was a Pepsi. Just one Pepsi.

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