Seeking: "Colossal cannibal great white shark"

Australian scientists are seeking a "mystery sea monster" that likely swallowed a 9-foot great white shark. Most likely, it was an even bigger great white shark, specifically a 2-ton "colossal cannibal great white shark."

From CNN:
Jaws3A tracking device previously planted on the (9-foot) shark was found washed up on a beach, and after analysis, it showed that it had suddenly undergone a rapid increase in temperature and a swift 1,900-foot (580-meter) dive beneath the waves.

Scientists attribute the more than 30-degree spike in temperature to the shark entering another animal's digestive system, and the unexpected plunge could be explained by the larger animal's rapid descent. Researchers found the tracking device about 2½ miles from where the shark was tagged.


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  1. Sharkception?

  2. Per wikipedia, the top end of the Great White shark size spectrum is 21-26 feet long. I have no idea why they're getting so much spin out of the question of "What could possibly take down a 9 foot shark?!?"

  3. That was my thought when I read the first article somewhere a while back!

    -What could eat a 9 foot shark?

    All KINDS of things in the ocean that are completely non-mysterious. Also Cthulu.

  4. You're gonna need a bigger shark.

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