Classic art improved with emoji: Ukrainian artist Nastya Nudnik


A selfie by the artist.

A selfie by the artist.

Artist Nastya Nudnik's ‘Emoji-nation’ series adds elements of computer user interface to great, historic works of art.

“I adore playing on contrasts and try to put dualism in every work, no matter if it is an illustration, a painting or a collage," she says. "Emoji-nation is a complex of different projects united by one idea.” She is based in Kiev, Ukraine. Behance, Tumblr [via Asylum Art].

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  1. Emoji - I do not think it mean what you think it means.

  2. There was SOME emogi.

  3. These are pretty funny, but the artist seems to think that they are profound statements rather than simple jokes.

  4. Yeah....these are more along the lines of very good Cracked photoshop entries.

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