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In the 1990’s Pat Moriarity was assistant art director, and later art director of The Comics Journal, the magazine of comics news and criticism. "There, I became friends with many cartoonists and comics nerds. This includes Comics Journal editor Helena Harvilicz and cartoonist J.R. Williams, who both were eventually housemates of mine. Jim Blanchard, another good friend and artist, inked my pencils here, and another friend of mine, the great Peter Bagge, makes a cameo appearance at the end. This is another true story."



Published 9:23 pm Wed, Jun 25, 2014

About the Author

Pat Moriarity started out as a punk rock artist in the mid-1980s music scene of Minneapolis, working for Twin/Tone records and eventually getting his own comic book title, the Harvey Award nominated Big Mouth. He became an art director for Fantagraphics, and later for The Comics Journal. He currently lives and works in Port Orchard, Washington. As an adjunct faculty member at the Art Institute of Seattle, Pat Moriarity teaches character design, storyboarding and comics.

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