Publishers offer free/discounted ebooks of the print books you own with Bitlit

Bitlit works with publishers to get you free or discounted access to digital copies of books you own in print: you use the free app (Android/Ios) to take a picture of the book's copyright page with your name printed in ink, and the publisher unlocks a free or discounted ebook version. None of the Big Five publishers participate as yet, but indies like O'Reilly, Berrett-Koehler, Red Wheel Weiser, Other Press, Greystone, Coach House, Triumph, Angry Robot, Chicago Review, Dundurn, and PM Press (publishers of my book The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow) are all in.

(Image: Bookshelf, David Orban, CC-BY)

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  1. Oh, hell, yeah! I need to get a new SD card for my phone first, but once that's done, the entire library I've spent 40 years in collecting is going to end up getting sent in to these people!

  2. enso says:

    I've scanned four books now from a participant publisher. BitLit recognizes them and assigns them to me but Google Play claims then that they are not available for purchase and errors out. The books are explicitly listed on the BitLit site as available so it seems that there are some bugs to be worked out.

  3. Just working out an issue with the recognition issues syncing with Google Play. Should be fixed shortly... sorry for the delay. (but books do have a great shelf life).

  4. enso says:

    BitLit fixed the issue I was seeing on Google Play (even going back and forth with me on twitter today). So it all works for me now.

  5. oh geez... this is not going to be abused at all... stuck_out_tongue
    can imagine people bringing their pens into barnes and noble for some digital 'shopping'....

    not sure what would make it less foolproof though... i was initially thinking a receipt in the shot as well but that doesn't address books that you've had for years... although maybe that would be a good, natural cut-off - new purchases only.

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