Secret proposed UK snooping law published - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

The secret, emergency snooping law that the UK Tories plan on ramming through Parliament this week without debate has been published. It's bad, and the leadership of Labour and the Libdems are complicit in the plan to make it law.

As feared, The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill sets out broad powers to order ISPs and telcos to secretly spy on their customers, under a very wide range of rubrics (including "securing the economic well-being of the UK"), without judicial oversight, and to make up new spying laws without any further debate, as "secondary legislation."

If you're in the UK, the Open Rights Group needs you to write to your MP. It's urgent.

(Image: Spying through the keyhole, larsjuh, CC-BY)

Notable Replies

  1. I'm no expert, but maybe Parliament should avoid sweeping, unpopular legislation just before the Scottish referendum? This move seems very Thatcher-esque.

  2. Whatever his personal or political feelings about the place, does Cameron really want to be the prime minister who lost Scotland? No spin-doctor would be able to salvage his reputation.

  3. He'll get out of it, Scot-free!

  4. A hastily-enacted and vaguely-worded law, with broad cross-party support from representatives who are too frightened of being seen as "soft on terrorism" to question anything that it says? Why, I'm sure there's no chance that that could ever be misused or extended to cover areas far outside its original remit. It reminds me of the Patriot Act in the US, and we all know what a splendid success that has been.

    It's moments like these that make me want to tell our elected representatives as a body: “Just give us the fucking keys, you're clearly not fit to drive.”

  5. Ha ha, said the American, you Brits are sure messing up your basic liberties.

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