Steampunk/singularity mashup: Sun of Suns is now a graphic novel

Karl Schroeder's 2006 novel (review) set a new bar for imaginative worldbuilding and exciting adventure sf.

A new graphic novel adaptation from Blind Ferret adds the talents of Jeff Moss, Guy Allen, and Michael Birkhofer to Schroeder's prodigious imagination. It looks fantastic.

Devoid of gravity, Virga is a massive balloon, three thousand miles in diameter. The humans that exist in this world must build their own fusion suns for warmth and their own spinning "towns" for gravity.

Years ago, the nation of Slipstream came from the clouds and conquered their neighbor, Aerie, destroying their sun and killing the parents of Hayden Griffin. Hayden is bent on revenge, but in Virga, up is often down and Hayden's plan may not go off as he'd hoped. On the brink of war, Hayden's checkered past might just come in handy.

One part steampunk adventure, one part sci-fi epic and one part action spectacular, Virga: Sun of Suns is truly like nothing you've seen before.

Virga: Sun of Suns