If Mad Max rode a moped...


The Motoped Survival Bikeis a combination mountain bike and moped outfitted with a crossbow, tomahawk, shovel, knives, tools, climbing equipment, and everything else you might desire in a post-apocalyptic two-wheeler.


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  1. What about the engine? Is it capable of running on a range of fuels, including petrol, diesel, and e.g. vegetable oil? Post-apocalypse scenarios do not guarantee availability of well-specced fuels.

  2. Well, it's a moped so in the worst case you can just ride it as a bike. Unfortunately their site is broken so I can't investigate further.

    My first thought looking at it is: That looks overpriced. And I don't even know the price tag.

    Second thought: Are the tools integrated as part of the frame? Do you have to disassemble your bike and then put the parts together to make the crossbow?

  3. gfish says:

    Why not just carry around a big sign that says, "I AM INCREDIBLY INSECURE IN MY GENDER PRESENTATION"?

  4. Isn't that what a SUV is for?

  5. It looks really interesting, but from what I saw on their website, the one shown is more of a concept than something you can order at this time. They are getting a lot of neat attention right now, but it will be hard to take advantage of the buzz unless they have something to sell. I hope they get things together before everyone loses attention. It does seem like a clever idea. My son would love one of those. Of course we are very outdoorsy and rural people, so we would not look like psychopaths riding around on one of these.

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