Hugo's Amazing Tape: Resuable tape sticks only to itself

I was introduced to Hugo's Amazing Tape several years ago by a colleague. He uses the tape to keep board game boxes closed for storage, and it has quite a following in the board game and collectible card game community.

The tape is flexible, reusable, and has the fantastic quality of only sticking to itself. These qualities make it ideal for securing something that you need to wrap and unwrap repeatedly. Hugo's Amazing Tape is available in rolls of various lengths & widths, allowing the user to cut a length to fit their needs.

I have found many household uses for Hugo's Amazing Tape. I have used the tape as a sort of clamp, to secure oddly shaped objects together while glue dries. I have used it to secure small parts within an assembly to prevent them from falling out of place during storage. It is also perfect for securing rolls of gift wrapping paper, and for securing spools of thread, twine, or rope. I've also used it on all of my board game and puzzle boxes. Hugo's Amazing Tape won't leave sticky residue, and it doesn't bind, crush, or decay like a rubber band. It is an indispensable addition to my household tool box. — Ryan Gwaltney

Hugo’s 2-Inch by 50-feet Amazing Tape ($12)

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  1. This is also known as Bondage Tape by people in the scene. Pretty handy stuff, and it doesn't pull out hair or leave sticky residue.

  2. Glitch says:

    A tape that sticks only to itself, huh?

    Seems useless for the picture-advertised usage of repairing a hose - without adhesive to keep it in place, it will just twist and slide around the hose. That and it won't produce a seal at the point of rupture.

    The other usages mentioned in text seem reasonable, though. Just an odd image to include.

  3. It looks like silicone tape -- it is "tacky", but not "gluey", so it does stay in place... I have used thicker silicone tape to fix a leak on a hose -- just wrap it tight enough and it stays in place.

  4. Silicone tape has no adhesive and only sticks to itself, and it's fantastic for hose repair. Works on blazing hot metal pipes, too, as I learnt from experience. Adhesion is not necessary to achieve a seal (counter-intuitive, I know, but empirically true).

    Silicone tape is not very reusable, though. After a couple of days it kind of melts together fairly permanently.

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