Free ebook of Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box for owners of the print book

Peter from Bitlit writes, "Best selling author Joe Hill (son of Stephen King) has made his acclaimed horror novel Heart-Shaped Box available as a free eBook bundle. For the next two weeks anybody with a hardcover or paperback is eligible for a free ebook through Bitlit."

You've posted previously about Bitlit, the app that allows readers to get a free or highly discounted ebook edition of a book they own in print. In July the Vancouver start-up inked a deal with Harpercollins US for a limited number of titles. Harpercollins US is viewing the Heart-Shaped Box bundling program as a pilot -- if enough readers pick-up the free eBook, additional titles and territories are likely to follow. If you'd like print + digital bundling to become mainstream, this is your chance to let publishers know (and get a free enook too).

eBooks, HEART-SHAPED BOX, and you (Thanks, Peter!)