Kottke.org tee

It's a two-week limited sale of a $38 tee made with "active dye digital printing," featuring the beloved blue gradient. (via Kottke)

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  1. $40 for a virtually plain white tee? Imma think Imma pass...

  2. For that price it must do more than just be a shirt. Maybe it also makes coffee?

  3. teapot says:

    Haters... You clearly haven't read the product features on kottke:

    The shirt is made of fabric, has sleeves, and features a hole for your head. It's everything you need in a shirt.

    But seriously... he does explain why it's that expensive. It's from a site [ http://printallover.me/ ] that allows you to print on every part of a garment (usually sites that do custom printing don't allow you to print near the seams):

    Due to the unique printing process, the shirts are custom-dyed, cut & sewn to order

    Is it too much for a shirt? Yep. Have you spent $38 bucks in a stupider way in the past? Yep.

  4. You may have misunderstood that bit. It's about how $50 branded T-shirts are sucker ripoffs. He's not in favor.

    Regarding fur, well, the song's about castoffs from second-hand stores. That's not really supporting the fur industry. Also, I'm not clear on why fur is monstrous while leather jackets, gloves, boots, etc. remain cool. I'll give you a pass on that one if you're actually vegetarian, though.

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