Richard Scarry's Busy Town in the 21st Century

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the classic childrens' book series is brought into contemporary times.

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*Disclosure: these quotes actually apply to NPR pledges.


Notable Replies

  1. Ok, so the word content makes us all want to break cinderblocks, right? Does anyone else have a "captivate" screen in their office elevator? Between the self-congratulatory "news" about how studies have shown that native advertising and "content" are the way people LOVE to get their "product information" and the "leadership tweets" from vapid, narcissistic CEOs, I just want to take a shit INTO the tubes of that fucking corporate disease vector.

  2. I find it utterly depressing that so much corporate speak gobbletygook has filtered into meatspace vocabulary.

  3. Franko says:

    this may be the single best Dancing Bug comic ever.

  4. So I take it that in the internal logic of that comic, is the Celebrity Cat naked?

  5. What, no Goldbug? Way to phone it in, Bolling.

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