Cool $59 pocket synthesizers from Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering, makers of the amazing $850 OP-1 synthesizer, have designed three nifty $59 pocket synths: the PO-12 "rhythm" drum machine, the PO-14 "sub" bass synth, and the PO-16 "factory" melody synth. The Verge has a first look.

Despite their spartan design, the synths have a host of smart features that make these devices far more powerful than they might appear. Each device has two 3.5mm ports, which lets you output audio to a mixer as well as chain all three devices together, with a master unit setting the tempo and patterns for the other "slave" units to follow. Another low-tech (but no less useful) design decision is the small wire stand on the back that lets you prop up the devices for easy use on a table. Even the power source is clever — the PO series runs on two AAA batteries, something I haven’t used outside of remotes in years.

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  1. Based on the symbols on the keycaps in the case you can buy for them, it looksT like it is a step-sequencer. I imagine you just step through the patterns and dial the note up or down manually. The press release makes it sound that they are not likely suited to live improvisation.

    Still! It's more affordable than the Moog rereleases!

  2. They tried to pass out a beta version to guests at Moogfest (but got delayed in customs). They're similar except without the screen -- here's an in-depth video of how it's used and sounds:

    .. I love my op-1 and can't wait to try these!!

  3. Old says:

    That rhythm one would annoy the crap out of my wife. When do they go on sale?

  4. I still haven't spent enough time with my theremini.

    Will that stop me from getting one of these?


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