Taco Bell's new Cap'n Crunch donut holes dessert


Now being tested at Taco Bell, a dessert named Cap'n Crunch Delights that are donut holes coated with Cap'n Crunch Berries cereal and oozing with a milky icing.

"Essentially a deep-fried ball of sweet dough, the Delights are filled with the sugary cream and dusted with more Cap'n Crunch," writes Peter Pham at Foodbeast. It's pretty much fast food cereal."


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  1. If these are anything like the Cinnabon Delights they sell, it will be like crack. Taco Bell use to be the closest joint to my office, out the back door and across the street. I'd stop in there a few times a day -- I worked in a former hospital that was disconnected from the main hospital as it was the AIDS / Infectious Diseases wing (never made sense that they'd keep both populations this close) -- and folks would randomly get mysterious diseases in my building that would hospitalize them and they'd close off that area and sanitize it and not say a word. EDIT: Didn't trust the water supply...because I'm paranoid.

    So...Taco Bell...across the street was pretty much my best friend. Only went in to refill my iced tea, but the girls would throw me the cinnabon delights every day even if I didn't want them. And I didn't. But I did. Soooo disgusting. Soooo goooey. Soooo fucking perfect. If I had a hundred of them, I don't think I could stop eating until they were gone. I don't even like going to Taco Bell now that I've moved to another building...because I know I'm going to want to get these things. And you know...its Taco Bell. But god damn these things. If you've never tried one, don't...you'll never get enough.

  2. It's good to see Taco Bell gleefully embracing their stoner-food image.

    I'm waiting for them to start closing their stores at 4:20am instead of 4am, just as a blatant and unnecessary wink.

  3. That doesnt look like a tasty food to me. It looks like one of those shock videos of extracting pus from a large boil; or perhaps an STI pick from some sort of super herpes that causes both painful ulceration AND purulent discharge.

  4. Food like that isn't so much cooked as it is manufactured.
    And the scientist there clearly know what they're doing. And who their demographic is.
    And I'd bet they were based in Washington. Or Oregon. Or Colorado. Or DC.
    Just saying.

  5. Louis CK on Cinnabons...

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