"I hope the Chinese aren't collating the Ashley Madison data with their handy federal list of every American with a security clearance." -Bruce Sterling

-Bruce Sterling

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  1. They are. Only an idiot would not.

  2. The question isn't so much can/are they doing this now. The question is did they do this already? Who is to say that the hackers exposing this list are the FIRST people to hack this information from their servers? It would not be surprising to find out that the Chinese (or other intelligence agencies) did this before. And they would NOT want this information public. You can't effectively blackmail people with information that is public knowledge. In fact, it isn't farcical to imagine that this was leaked by OUR intelligence agencies to minimize the effect of a previous, unacknowledged hack of Ashley Madison by foreign intelligence.

  3. Tinfoil? I can do you a nice mumetal bowler with a DU liner and chrome plating. Rejects anything from audio spectrum all the way to UV, absorbs neutrons. It's a bit heavy though.

  4. Line it with ferrite pyramids inside. Classical tinfoil hats were found to be resonant chambers. To work properly they should be made anechoic inside.
    The liner to cushion the ferrite pyramids could be made with paraffin or polyethylene loaded with carbon black (to further attenuate the RF) and boron (for the neutrons - carbon to moderate the fast ones, boron to absorb them).

  5. So: the Chinese know everybody in the US government who corresponds to an email address registered with AM.
    This makes those people apparently liable to blackmail.
    He seems to suggest that the answer is to release all the data. What does that achieve exactly?
    -> a whole lot of government people now are liable to the suspicions of their families and colleagues.
    -> so are a lot of other people.
    -> Chinese can still blackmail them by threatening to contact their nearest and dearest personally with the information, giving 100% chance of a problem versus the much smaller chance that the N&D will go to the bother of finding out.

    Wouldn't the logical thing to do be to go to AM and demand the list, use the big data engine to look for matches, and inform all of those people that the Chinese have this data, that the US Government proposes to disregard it (so that they cannot be blackmailed) and in fact if the respondents have any problems with family or colleagues they can ask for an official government letter saying the account is fraudulent.
    ...only don't be so silly next time, people.

    You've just ensured their loyalty, obtained their gratitude, and there's no scandal.

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