You can now own the Fez soundtrack on gorgeous translucent colored vinyl

Disasterpiece's remarkable soundtrack for Fez has been released on beautiful pollen-colored vinyl, alongside a striking red-and-gold physical release for the game itself.

Disasterpeace's wonderful soundtrack for Polytron's seminal game Fez has just been released on mouth-watering, lucent pollen-colored vinyl sheathed in a gold-embossed gatefold jacket. It looks as beautiful as it is certain to sound.

It comes along with a digital version (FLAC or MP3 format); you can order it now from the Polyshop for $39.99.


At the same time, Polytron also announced an exclusive limited edition physical version of Fez a year in the making, hidden inside a beautiful red and gold adventure notebook.

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  1. It’s not all that uncommon or newfangled. The PVC used for records is transparent before the usual addition of carbon black; just add other dyes instead and presto.

    There are all sorts of fancy things they can do:

  2. I liked the game and was looking forward to the sequel. But, Fish's feelings got hurt so he yelled "I'm not making it!" and deleted the code.

    What could have been.

  3. Ryuuga says:

    Was it the typical old internet drama? Ah, you know, never mind. The less one hears about tiresome stuff like that, the better. I feel a bit faint just thinking about it.

  4. Ryuuga says:

    Oh god. It's just so draining, isn't it? Like trying to figure out who's wrong and right, or what even happened, is just so mentally taxing I .. I just want no part of it.

  5. ZzyzX says:

    You do that. You've only really played FEZ when you've reached 209.4% completion and can read the code without looking up a translation table.

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