CALL NOW: Paul Ryan is trying to sneak mass surveillance into the budget bill!

Evan from Fight for the Future writes, "Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is trying to use a Congressional loophole to push through two attacks on our Internet freedom in the 'omnibus' must-pass budget bill that Congress is expected to file tonight. He wants to include the final version of CISA which has been completely stripped of privacy protections. And he wants to include a rider that would undermine the FCC's ability to enforce the net neutrality protections we fought so hard to win this year. There's still time to stop this sneak attack, go to or call 1-832-YOUR-NET to call Congress now!

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  1. Paul Ryan, perfect modern-day Teapublican, a total hypocrite through and through.

  2. We really need a constitutional amendment to stop this kind of bullshit. Something that requires a single page of plain English intent of the law on any proposed bill, and anything that isn't on that front page is not allowed in the bill - no bullshit riders, no removing all the text of a bill and putting the full text of another in its place, none of these shenanigans that subvert people's attempts to know what Congress is really doing in their names. Also, a good way to stop the nasty tricks of either pushing through something wildly unpopular by sticking it inside something else sure to pass (like Ryan is doing here) or tacking on something horribly partisan to a bill to force the other party to vote against something they want.

  3. No amendment needed - a Senate rules change could take care of it, or an annual rider like the Hyde Amendment. Either way, the batshit crazy Senate would still need to give their OK.

    Balance of power works great, except when actors on multiple sides are actively trying to subvert the system.

  4. Wiener took a photo of his dick, Ryan is a "dick".

  5. It looks like we have just a couple days at most to educate ourselves.

    I called. My spiel was basically this:

    Hi, I'm calling about the Appropriations bill. I understand there's language in the bill that would restrict the FCC's ability to enforce net neutrality. I strongly support net neutrality and so I'd like you to oppose sections 628, 629 and 630 of the bill. That's all I have to say, thanks for taking my call.

    (Next time I'd start by saying I'm a constituent.)

    Then they say thanks, they'll definitely pass it on the the senator/congressperson. Pretty easy.

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