What happens when a golf ball gets run over by a steamroller?

A steamroller going over a golf ball

Less than I expected!

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  1. Sqyntz says:

    lol, now we need to see Hydraulic Press guy doing that with a golf ball.

  2. Well duh - call in a pro.

    I saw another video where the golf ball crumbled, it it looked like an old ball that used the "rubber band ball" core and it was old and dried out.

  3. No. Him doing that to a steamroller!

  4. thekaz says:

    Good thing that golf ball didn't break! I remember hearing when I was a kid that the center of the golf ball was explosive and if you cut one in half, there'd be an explosion!

  5. thekaz says:

    Wait. Are you telling me that things I heard as a kid may not be true?!?

    So.. I don't have to worry about going blind??

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