This joyful Xhosa song demonstrates click consonants

Qongqothwane is a cover of a famous Xhosa click song performed at weddings. In it, you can hear click consonants found in two language groups in southern Africa. Here's a nice overview.

Legendary South African singer and human rights activist, Miriam Makeba, first introduced “Qongqothwane (The Click Song)” to a global audience in the 1960’s. Today we share with you this traditional folk song of the Xhosa people of South Africa, recorded earlier this year at the PFCF music program in Gugulethu.

Here's the original by Miriam Makeba:

If you want to learn how to make the four click sounds yourself, here's a handy tutorial:

"Qongqothwane (The Click Song)” | Gugulethu, South Africa (YouTube / Playing for Change Foundation)