Teens were bored so they built a backyard roller coaster

When two Wisconsin high school boys – sophomore JT Nejedlo and freshman Aidan Deaven – found themselves bored one summer, they decided to build a backyard roller coaster.

"We decided to build a roller coaster because it would be fun," said JT Needle.

As you can imagine, it was easier said than done. But with a dad who used to be a physics professor, they were given the green light to try, and try, and try.

In fact, they tried for a few years – and finally succeeded. Although classmates teased them about it and teachers were skeptical, the boys – Nejedlo now a freshman at the University of Wisconsin and Deaven set to go there in the fall – recently finished their project with an awesome-looking coaster. They were honored by the school board on Tuesday. Sometimes boredom ain't such a bad thing.

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Notable Replies

  1. Can't help but notice at the very beginning that one of those teens has a broken arm. Coincidence? I think not!

    Were I to see this video after arriving home, I would probably look at my children, ask them if they were still alive, and then stand there for a while concentrating on breathing.

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