Siberian tigers catch and destroy a drone

If you're going to fly a drone over a Siberian Tiger habitat, you'd better have quick reflexes. Meant to help them get more exercise, the drone was no match for their hunting skills.

Via CCTV+ News:

The group proceeded to tear the drone apart, with one literally chewing on the gadget as if it was a bird of prey. Unlike a bird, the drone started to give off smoke, which scared off the surrounding tigers. Staff members of the park in a well-protected vehicle then went to pick up the remains of the drone. This drone chasing is becoming more popular among these well-nourished tigers in the habitat. Don’t worry. With the exercise they’re getting from these chases, and more importantly, the approach of spring so the tigers don’t need to hoard as many calories, experts predict that they will once again be lean and mean in about two months.
Update: apparently this facility is heavily criticized.

Chubby Siberian tigers hunt electronic bird of prey (YouTube / CCTV+)

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  1. Bad ass kitties.

    Drones have allot of not-so-flesh-friendly parts so flying one of them for this purpose seems like a pretty stupid idea to me. Better to fly high and film them only.

  2. I've never seen an obese tiger before.

    I now have a sad.

  3. You want your tigers to get exercise, feed them live prey. Problem solved.

    Goats, corrupt politicians, sheep, boorish tourists, any live prey will do. Just remember that most tourists and politicians are not organically grown and may not be as healthy an alternative as some others.

  4. I think I would pay money to watch a tiger playing with a tiger-size paper bag.

    Here's a bunch of big cats playing with cardboard boxes:

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