$6 hair clog tool for drain cleaning

Here's another shoutout to the Flexisnake drain-unclogger, which I used this morning to remove a greasy bolus of hair and muck from the bathroom sink.

I keep Flexisnakes in all of our bathrooms, and use them frequently to pull out gross blobs of matted hair clogging the sink drains. It's kind of like a long pipe cleaner with a crank. You insert it in the drain and twist the handle. The hair wraps around it. It's $6 on Amazon.

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  1. Mark - put the Krazy Straw back in the kitchen drawer where you found it.

  2. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, you can accomplish the same thing by taking apart the P-trap under the sink and cleaning it out.

    This also works well for clogs that are slightly past the trap.

    Pro tip, you are going to want a bucket under the trap when you take it apart, it will have water in it.

    Also, turn off the anglestops suppling water to the sink faucet, so it can't be accidentally turned on when you have the P-trap apart.

  3. For less than $3 each there is the Zip-It drain tool (or the Vastar drain tool, which is a reasonable clone). It's a disposable tool and I find the sharp little hooks on it can snag a whole lot of nasty crud in the drains. tying it into a knot and throwing in the garbage beats trying to sanitize typical drain snakes.

  4. Here it is:

    Yes, it works well, but $5.43 is pricy. A three-pack of Vastars goes for $5.99.

    Procedure as follows:
    1. Long-Haired Family Member: "The bathtub isn't draining again."
    2. Short-To-No-Haired Family Member: (audible sigh) "Okay, I'll take care of it," (deploys Cobra-Products-Zip-It Cleaning Tool).
    3. STNHFM: "Wow, look at what I got out of there."
    4. LHFM: "NO, EWW!"

    Instructions say to dispose of it after use, but that was written by someone who never changed a diaper.

  5. I guess 20 years of "#2 guard on the sides and back, finger length on top" has made me forget that sink and tub drains get clogged.

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