An anti-eavesdropping hands-free headset/muzzle that looks like Bane's mask and changes your voice to Vader's

Hushme is an electronic muzzle that you strap around your face, talking into its built-in mic in order to prevent people from eavesdropping on your calls; you can also use it to change your voice so you sound like a howler monkey or Darth Vader. If this isn't a hoax, its so deep into Poe's Law territory that it might as well be one.

Notable Replies

  1. What do you suppose would happen if James Earl Jones used this device on the "Vader" setting?

  2. It's so stylish and ergonomic, one might just wear it as an accessory, without using the electronics at all!

  3. sound like a howler monkey

  4. I'll wait until it is in the BB store at 63.725% off

  5. With a cute guy like that a ballgag would be more interesting

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