Jogger's fitness tracker captures how she fought off an attacker

Kelly Herron stopped while jogging in a Seattle park to use a public restroom, where she was set upon by a sex offender. After a brutal fight, she managed to escape, thanks to a recent self-defense class. Her GPS fitness tracker captured the ordeal.

Naturally, scumbags in Seattle backing the anti-transgender I-I552 "bathroom bill" tried to capitalize on Herron's sexual assault to score some points about bathroom predators, even though the predator was not transgender.

The group later walked back their comments with a classic nonpology.

In a statement, Herron said, "I refuse to allow anyone to use me and my horrific sexual assault to cause harm and discrimination to others."

Group apologizes for using assault victim's story to push bathroom bill (King5)

Notable Replies

  1. This planet really does suck sometimes...

  2. I figured the gun rights groups would have jumped on this story (e.g., "If she had a gun the assault wouldn't have happened!") but the claim by the bathroom bill people threw me for a loop. Wow.

  3. Between fighting off the rapist and fighting off the opportunistic bigots, Ms. Herron is an early frontrunner for Seattle's BAMF of the Year award.

  4. Shuck says:

    Considering attacks like this essentially blow their whole argument out of the water, it is strange for them to use it as evidence. Rapists do attack women and children in restrooms and exactly none of them have "dressed up like a woman," because all that would do is make them more conspicuous. It's almost as if the stated reason for these bathroom bills has nothing whatsoever to do with which their backers actually object...

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