Gorgeous and expensive wooden wireless keyboards, touchpads and mini-speakers

Oree makes wooden computer peripherals, and not just the usual keyboard and iPhone cases: also offered are matching touchpads (with optional numpad engraving) and "pebbles"--a gadget that combines a speaker and a wireless phone charger. Everything's offered in maple and walnut, with various engraving options.

The keyboard alone isn't unreasonable at $150, but a set seems terribly expensive: you're looking at $500 shipped!

Notable Replies

  1. I'm a sucker for stuff like this, but $500 is twice what I'd pay. On the other hand, at $250 I'd buy it right now.

  2. I noticed the new Apple trackpad is $150 too. There must be some kind of new expensively-licensed tech in these larger, better modern ones.

  3. Bluetooth and USB? It's the 90s all over again!

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