Weaponizing IKEA pencils made fun

In weaponry, as in life, sometimes the best things are free. Take the lowly IKEA pencil. No, literally take one or more of the ubiquitous free writing utensils. Then watch this video on how to weaponize them.

Quoth Joerg:

Several fans suggested to weaponize them, so finally we ordered some on ebay and gave it a try. This video takes you all the way from using them as a simple stabbing weapon to a full blown repeating pistol that shoots them hard enough to break skin!

Works great on golf pencils, too!

How to Weaponize IKEA Pencils (YouTube / JoergSprave aka The Slingshot Channel)

Image: Cliff Hutson

Notable Replies

  1. What to weaponize next? On to the IKEA kitchen!

  2. You know this is now going the TAS list and I won't be able to bring a pencil on the plane.

  3. This reminds me of a theory that I heard of that everything can be turned into a weapon, apparently even IKEA pencils! (I also wonder what IKEA thinks about this xD)

  4. Or, suppose you just have really big hands...

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