Shia LaBeouf's new film's gross in the UK: $26

Shia LaBeouf's new movie Man Down grossed just $26 during its UK run which, in fairness, was only playing at one theater once each day. But still. From the Hollywood Reporter:

"I think we've sold three tickets in total," the cinema manager told the Hollywood Reporter, adding that she hadn't "experienced anything like it before."

The manager said Man Down would end its weeklong run in Burnley's Reel Cinema this Thursday, "highly likely" without any further purchases being made, a move that would see the film's U.K. theatrical total max out at £21 ($26.20), rather less than the $454,490 it earned following a limited theatrical run in the U.S. last December.

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  1. Shia LaBeouf’s new film’s gross in the UK

    But it isn't gross elsewhere?

  2. Maybe I am cynical, but I think that the "movie industry" has demonstrated that people will watch practically anything at least once. How the cartels responsible shape venues, marketing, advertising, etc has more to do with what they prefer to be know for than anything else.

    I gave the example a while back how I went to a cinema about 15 miles away to see Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive because I saw on their website that it was playing. But once I got there, it wasn't listed on the marquee or anywhere else. When I tried to buy a ticket, the person had to go ask a manager about it. Then they sold to me a ticket and explained that the room I was looking for said Captain America: Winter Soldier instead of the title. Apparently I was the only one to buy a ticket that day.

  3. Man, even that Fifa's United Passions wank session got a bigger audience.

  4. The only reason to bring that much popcorn to see a Shia LaBeouf film is if you secretly suspected you were dead and in hell. Which, would of course explain why you were seeing a Shia LaBeouf film in the first place.

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