Weird Al's UHF gets a 4K release

Weird Al Yankovic's UHF was a critical and theatrical flop when it was released in 1989, but its brilliance was obvious in due course—thanks to VHS and cable TV. It's getting a 4K release so that its beautiful, ruminant cinematography may be enjoyed in its original glory.

There will be deluxe editions that include some physical collectibles, including an 18×24-inch poster of the "original theatrical artwork," as well as a new, same-sized poster of new poster art made for this edition. You'll also find 10 scratch-and-sniff stickers alongside a guide with time prompts for using them, plus some stickers "designed to replicate vintage vending machine prism stickers from the late '80s and early '90s" and a Spatula City fridge magnet. Add to that a 6-inch "UHF Remote Control Stress Relief Collectible." All that stuff is limited to 1,000 units.

You can order it online, if it hasn't sold out already. Clips—not 4K ones, though—are embedded below.

And then of course there's "Gandhi II: The Revenge." One interesting thing about this clip is that it's been held up by the usual suspects as something you "couldn't do these days" because of "political correctness," which is their way of telling you the only thing they find funny is the brownface.

The worst joke in movie history:

We're in the Yellow Pages under "spatulas."