Watch: Biker zips from back to front of the pack with amusing gymnast stunt

This biker starts off at the end of the line, until he puts himself into an acrobatic pose.

He then zips ahead without even pedaling, and as he passes his fellow bikers you can see one guy's jaws drop. The funniest bit is at the end, when he passes a guy on a motorbike who decides to try the same stunt.

Notable Replies

  1. It's staged, as in 'the other riders are in on the joke', but damn impressive skill nonetheless. Brakeless, even.

    Air resistance is such a strong factor at these speeds that I actually believe the shocking (relative) acceleration was legit.

    Here's a previous stunt by the same Michael Guerra fellow, in brain-dead-TV-show format:

  2. Well, you would hardly expect a chap to use his own sneakers for an escapade like that. :wink:

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