Incredible art created by erasing dirt on trucks

Moscow artist Nikita Golubev, aka ProBoyNick, says he likes to experiment in different medias. Lately he's been using dirty trucks as his canvas, "painting" through the dirt with brushes and his fingers to create intricate works of art.

See Golubev's entire collection of "DirtyCarArt," as well as his other collections, on his Facebook page.

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  1. Now this is really good. I used to know someone who argued that all the best art is transient - fireworks, beach sculptures, pavement drawings, poetry recitals. Perhaps that's why recorded music and paintings in galleries seem increasingly dead.

    And now a nitpick: media is a plural noun already. Hence multimedia. The singular of media is medium. Mediums has been pinched for people who pretend to communicate with the dead, so we're stuck with media. Thank you.

    Even so, I still find the finger writing on the back of a truck "Also available in white" mildly amusing.

  2. If i recall, the artist enjoyed seeing how his art degraded with weather and would document how the degradation would happen over time.

    Short of taking a picture the best way to enjoy it would be to let it wash away.

  3. If you want to preserve it, a coating of Scotch Guard applied to the entire surface (light covering on dirt and all) will allow the surface to be cleaned, and when it gets dirty again, the artwork will return on its own.

    Another example of Reverse Grafitti using a soot encrusted tunnel as a canvas.

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