Five easy ways to reduce trash

Just in time for Earth Day.

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  1. Tupperware when dining out has been a stalwart of ours for many years, it freaks out some Service People, but then others are like 'Hey, that's a great idea".

  2. It is a great idea, and one I always seem to remember about the time I am finishing about half of my enormous restaurant portion! I guess I need to stage a collection of tupperware somewhere near the door in a location that says "Going out for Dinner...??? "

  3. i really need to do that. my strategy has been to order whatever i want, but only eat half, so i've been bringing home containers for years. bringing my own is something that should have occurred to me before this!

  4. I have begun to get into the habit of sharing an entree with my wife when we eat somewhere we know the portions will be on the larger size. Overwhelming portion sizes isn't as common in Canada however as I understand it to be in the states. The bonus is that I have room for desert afterwards!

  5. Holy crap, that's an excellent idea!

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