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Solitaire.exe: a real deck of cards based on Windows 98 Solitaire

Evan Roth, of Graffiti Research Lab (whose work we've featured many times in the past) has created a 500-piece limited-edition deck of cards based on the Solitaire game that came with Windows 98. They were manufactured by the US Playing Card Company (makers of Bicycle cards), and are for sale at $20 a deck.


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Massive collection of animated gifs as 10-minute video: "Cache Rules Everything Around Me"

Video Link.

Evan Roth of Graffiti Research Lab, F.A.T. assembled his entire animated gif collection to play in ten minutes, set to "Night Ripper" by Girl Talk. The resulting video is titled "Cache Rules Everything Around Me." (via Evan Roth) Read the rest

Rhizome's 7 on 7: 7 geeks, 7 artists co-create in NYC

Fred sez,
If you're in NYC on April 17th, definitely consider attending Rhizome.org's new conference, Seven on Seven.

The idea behind Seven on Seven is to pair seven leading artists with seven technologists to see what they can produce. There's already a lot of buzz about the event, and for good reason, our lineup is stellar:

Artists: Cao Fei, Evan Roth, Aaron Koblin, Monica Narula, Ryan Trecartin, Tauba Auerbach, and Marc Andre Robinson

Technologists: Jeff Hammerbacher, Joshua Schachter, Matt Mullenweg, Andrew Kortina, Hilary Mason, Ayah Bdeir, and David Karp

Check the link for full details, artist and technologist pairings, and ticket prices.

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Metal plates send messages to airport x-ray screeners

From Make Blog:

One of my favorite artists, Evan Roth, is working on a project that will be released soon - the pictures say it all, it's a "carry on" communication system. These metal places contain messages which will appear when they are X-Rayed. The project isn't quite done yet, Evan needs access to an X-Ray machine to take some photos and document. If you have access to an X-Ray machine he's willing to give you a set of the plates for helping out (email fi5e [at] ni9e.com].
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T-shirt: #000000 POWER

Artist/prankster Mark Jenkins and Evan Roth of Graffiti Research Laboratory designed this fine t-shirt as an homage to, er, "Black" Power. Link Read the rest

BBtv: Graffiti Research Lab, the movie

Grab your LED throwies and your laser tagging units, comrades, and join the revolution. Today on Boing Boing tv, a sneak peek at a new documentary film on the subversive public art collective known as Graffiti Research Lab, who develop and distribute "open source technologies for urban communication." The voices you'll hear in today's episode -- GRL founders James Powderly and Evan Roth.

Link to Boing Boing tv post with discussion and downloadable video.

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From their statement, redacted by the "U.S. Dept. of Homeland Graffiti"...

From their origins in the trash room of a non-profit in Manhattan to their emergence as the instigators of an international art movement, Graffiti Research Lab: The Complete First Season documents the adventures of an architect and an engineer who quit their day jobs to develop high-tech tools for the art underground. The film follows the GRL and their network of graffiti artist collaborators (and commercial imitators) across four continents as they write on skyscrapers with lasers, mock advertisers with homemade tools, get in trouble with The Department of Homeland Security and make activism fun again. Primarily using video footage from point-and-shoot digital cameras (“The Pocket School”) and found-content on the web, the movie’s visual style draws as much from the art of the power point presentation and viral media as conventional documentary cinema.

Narrated by GRL co-founders, Roth and Powderly, The Complete First Season makes a humorous and insightful argument for free speech in public, open source in pop culture, the hacker spirit in graffiti and not asking for permission in general.

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