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Deal: Mpow 3-Port Intelligent Car Charger

When it comes to cars, the faster the better. That’s why the Mpow 3-Port Intelligent Car Charger ($13.99) is an essential gadget for every car on the road. It’s packed with 6.6 amps of power, three versatile ports, and a sleek metallic design.

  • Supports both 12V &18V input for optimized charging for smartphones & tablets
  • Identifies connected devices & charges at full speed
  • Fits snuggly into most cars’ sockets
  • Crafted in a compact .5" design
  • Charge 2 tablets & 1 smartphone at the same time

You'll falafel about this horrifying new pita-sized crypto-key-sniffing hack

I nearly falafel my chair when I read about the Israeli researchers who've designed a device that can derive crypto keys from the unintentional radio signals emitted by a computer's CPU—and miniaturized it until it can fit into a pita.

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Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger

The $25 Back to the Future Flux Capacitor car-charger has two USB ports and does a fantastically bright light-show (which, thankfully, you can switch off).

LED cloud lights

The battery-powered LED cloud is handmade in Australia and projects a moon and stars on the ceiling above.

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Chicken sandwich unboxing

thatonekid100 captures the essence of the genre: "this is a typical sandwich format." [via r/videos] unboxing

Pizza box becomes a phone-powered projector

Ogilvy & Mather HK's Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box converts into a low-powered projector for your phone.

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Kickass flashlight

The $70 Nitecore MH2C outputs 800 lumens and gets outstanding reviews, and even though it uses those pain-in-the-ass CR123A batteries; you can also use 18650s which you can recharge over USB. (via Canopy)

Shoe that wraps like a scarf: Vibram Furoshiki

Image: Vibram.

Vibram leveraged its reputation for killer army-boot soles into a second life as manufacturer of shoes with individual toes for "barefoot" runners -- now they've made Furoshiki, a shoe that wraps around your foot like a scarf, whose promise is a better-than-ever fit.

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Legoid bookends

You'll need to click on some heavy stuff for these to keep your books for sliding around, but the good news is that these $20 bookends will also click tight with Pixelblocks, Megablocks, Kre-o and K'nex Bricks.

Plugable dock lets you power everything from a single USB-C port

My nephew got the new Macbook, with its single USB-C port. I wondered what Apple was thinking. Our friends at Plugable wondered too, but unlike me, they are doing something about it -- Kickstarting a USB-C universal docking station.

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Rock solid car mount - will not budge, droop, or wobble


The folks at Winner sent me the Montar universal car mount to try out. I was already happy with my air vent mount, but I was willing to see how it compared. As soon as I started using it, I realized I would never go back. This thing sticks to my windshield and simply won't budge, no matter how much torque I apply while inserting/removing my phone with one hand.

The suction cup is coated with a very sticky rubber. It reminds me of those toy octopuses that stick to the wall when you throw them. It adheres well to the textured surface of my standing desk. It does not stick to the dashboard of my Prius, but it comes with a plastic disk that you can stick on the dashboard, which will stick to the suction cup. (I'm not going to use the disk because I am concerned it will mar the dashboard.)

The rubberized spring loaded jaws grip the phone so firmly that there's no chance it'll pop out should you drive over a speed bump or pothole. The jaws open wide enough to hold my iPhone 6 Plus in its case.

Check out the video below for a demonstration of this excellent car mount.

Montar Universal Car Mount ($30) on Amazon




Pizza-slicing scissors

Slicing your pizza with scissors just makes sense -- better slices, cleaner topping-severance, and easier sharpening and handling than a wheel. (via Canopy)

Stroller on a longboard

Quinny -- a high-end stroller-maker -- has announced a limited run of strollers mounted on longboards, capable of supporting adults up to 100kg and kids up to 15kg.

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Deal: Intocircuit 15000mAh Power Castle External Battery

This sleek battery is your ticket to avoiding a dead mobile device at the most inconvenient of times. The Intocircuit Power Castle ($34.99) features a brushed aluminum shell and LCD display, making it both hardy and stylish, and boasts enough capacity to charge a device several times over. Whether you’re navigating a long road trip or searching for a friend in a crowd, you can be certain you’ll never lose power when you need it most.

  • Charge two phones at once w/ dual USB ports without inhibiting charge speed
  • Ensure smart recognition of devices for optimized charging efficiency & speed
  • Utilize SmartID technology to charge depending on type of phone (iPhone 5S gets almost 7 charges!)
  • Use w/ almost any mobile device
  • Ensure maximum portability thanks to the battery’s compact size

Indestructible speaker destroyed

The Altec Lansing Life Jacket is $135 at Amazon—just don't get it wet.

Spinning solar-powered Titan & Luna globes

If you liked the solar-powered spinning Mars globe, but wanted something more exotic, there's the spinning Titan globe, and for something closer to home, there's the Lunar edition.

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Fury Road Ponies: Guzziline is Magic!

Artist Kelsey Wailes (Etsy) modded a set of Mad Max: Fury Road My Little Ponies of outstanding glory.

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