We know that the military

We know that the military and the recording industry are on opposite sides of the P2P technology fence, but who knew that Uncle Sam was also at odds with the film and software industry? Here's a story about a US Marine onboard an amphibious assualt vehicle who's making great coin bootlegging games, porn, music and movies on burnable CDs and selling 'em to his shipmates.

Keenly aware that the law discourages copyright infringement, he is careful to stress that he copies software and music only for Marines who want a backup of software they have purchased legally. His business is clearly tolerated, conducted in plain sight of sergeants who wander past his shop in the lounge. He says he even has done technical computer work for some officers on board.

At the moment, he is putting together a compilation CD of another Marine's favorite porno clips, plus a few other odds and ends. Pfc. Winter likes to keep his customers happy. He knows they have limited funds, and so, in this case, he went back and told the client that the CD had plenty of space left. He is giving the guy a few days to collect some more material.



(Thanks, Alex!)