WayTooPersonal.com: A mate-seeking woman reposts

WayTooPersonal.com: A mate-seeking woman reposts the weirdest, grossest and worst responses to her Internet personal ad.

My crew call me KingPin. I am a 5'11" 200lb, 10'&thick, healthy, fit, Italian Scorpio from NYC. I am a 40 year old who looks 30, has a light complexion, hazel eyes and a full head of black/silver hair. By day a successful shirt and tie businessman, by night a member of a fameous national motorcycle club, actor and model currently in a highly successful HBO series. I seek someone that shares the same fearless sence of adventure and excitement that I do. You must have great legs, big natural tits, a muffin shaped ass and love all kinds of sex. And most of all look great on the back of a big black and chrome custom Harley Davidson. My two major faults are generosity and insecurity so I need my ego stroked constantly. I don't like movies, television, sports or any other substitutes for having a real life. Do you think you could play this part?KP

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