Charming first-person account of the

Charming first-person account of the hunt for the perfect Godzilla toy.

Then my foot hit a cardboard box down on the floor, one that I hadn't previously noticed. I looked down to see that it was filled to overflowing with cheap plastic Godzillas. And not just Godzillas, either! Mothras and Baragons and King Ghidorahs as well! Then I heard another voice. A voice that wasn't in my head this time.

"Mommy! Mommy! Look! Godzillas!"

Just as I was bending down toward the box (a slow and laborious process, mind you), my passage was blocked by this little blonde girl, who savagely commandeered the box of affordable Godzilla merchandise.

I made a sound deep in my throat, a sound of panic and hatred, half-growl and half-whine, as she started pulling things out of the box and announcing them to her very patient mother.

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