Food horrors. The Stained Apron

Food horrors. The Stained Apron is a site devoted to horror and revenge stories from servers, buspeople and other food-service people. I've worked my share of crappy service jobs, and I'm a very contientious tipper, and I can recognize the emotional satisfaction one may derive from serving difficult customers after-dinner mints that have been smeared with excrement, but I can't say I approve of it!

Tom Brokaw – Wonderfully nice, generous tipper. He set up a party for some people on his staff, called ahead with his credit card number and instructed the management to add a 25% gratuity. When he comes in on his own or with his family, it's always at least 25%.

Holly Hunter – Sweet, charming, straight 20% on the check total.

Jennifer Jason Leigh – An odd duck, but she always leaves at least 20%. If her boyfriend picks up the check, you're looking at 18%.

Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman – She's great, he's kind of an ass, though he did say he was sorry when he snapped his fingers to get a server's attention. 20% tip.

Christy Turlington and Jason Patric – Regular customers, 18-20% tippers. She EATS.

Kyle McLachlan – Did a party of 12 for him, and he added a bunch of cash to the already included 18% grat.
But, he came in with his girlfriend a few nights later, and she paid and tipped 10%.


(Thanks, Bill!)