The grifter who used forgery,

The grifter who used forgery, lies and other fraud to steal the domain from its original owner and build it into a multimillion-dollar porn empire claims that he can't pay the court-ordered $65,000,000 settlment owed to his victim because to do so would cause him to starve to death while giving every cent he earns to the injured party.

"Just how is the defendant expected to live? How is the defendant expected to purchase the necessities of life, such as toilet paper, food, clothes and etc.?" Cohen wrote, in the self-authored filing. He compared the court order to a "death warrant" and said it was issued "in violation of the defendant's constitutional rights."

In addition to sentencing him to death, Cohen claims that the court is also sentencing him to a life of involuntary servitude under Gary Kremen, the would-be recipient of the judgment.

"It's saying for the rest of my life that everything I own must go to Gary Kremen," Cohen said. He claims in his filing that the judge's ruling has turned him into a slave, in violation of the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution, which abolished slavery.