Vegas is decadent again

Vegas bigwigs have decided that pushing Sin City as a family vacation spot was probably a mistake, since it put two natural enemies (hedonistic, chain-smoking compulsive gamblers and young families with strollers) into direct competition with one another. This may mean the end of the MGM Grand's sucktacular theme-park. Oh, and tits are back in.

"Casinos are saying, 'Enough of this (family-friendly focus). Let's get back to what Las Vegas is all about, which is to blow your brains out,'" says longtime Vegas-watcher Anthony Curtis, publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor, a newsletter for gamblers. "You leave your inhibitions at the door."

Curtis is nursing a Heineken at the Shadow Bar at Caesars Palace, which epitomizes the new "sin is in" culture. Behind the bar, nude female dancers gyrate on platforms, separated from the audience by thin screens that leave little to the imagination.



(via The Illuminated Donkey)