Electric Velocipede

The Electric Velocipede, John Klima's excellent literary sf zine, has relaunched.

The title of the zine plays a little to my love of the small steampunk sub-genre (e.g. K. W. Jeter's INFERNAL DEVICES or even Alan Moore's exemplary comic THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN or even much of the atmosphere of China Mieville's PERDIDO STREET STATION). I do not want to publish a zine entirely comprised of such stories, but you certainly will catch my ear if you try. Take a look at what's in the first few issues and you'll see what I want.

I like the fact that no matter how techonologically advanced we get, the average person doesn't quite know how it all works (for example a CD player, or even a car), but can use all the technology regardless. Your characters don't need to be super-geniuses. In some cases, I even like when the technology almost feels like magic.