A most immaculately hip biography

Lord Buckley — my all-time fave jazz-poet and hipster loony (tied with Slim Gaillard) — is the subject of a new biography! Salon's got an in-depth review. I tried to find you-all some MP3s, but no dice. Take my word for it, Buckley was a mad genius. You've gotta hear his hipster version of "The Raven:"

'Twas a real drug midnight,
I was goofing weak and weary,
over many a freakish volume of
forgotten score.

When suddenly I dug a tapping,
as if some cat were gently riffing,
knocking rhythm at my sweet pad's door

And don't get me started on his condensed ooroonie biographies of Einstein, Jesus and the Marquis de Sade, or his sound-poem about a train-wreck, or his fabulous a-capella song, "His Majesty, The Policeman."