Slow-weights:Cardio :: Low-carb:low-fat

Slow-motion weight-training — 20 minutes a week of slow weight-lifting — is gaining Atkins-like momentum. It's more medical apostasy, the notion that replacing the trendy, virtuous cardio workouts that very few people have the grit or time for with a silver-bullet, high-speed alternative that gets great visible results fast.

"Muscles are like an investment in the bank, earning you money," Mr. Cruise said. "Fat is like a job you go to and once you leave, it stops paying. Once you get off that treadmill, you stop burning calories, whereas muscle keeps burning all day long…"

"By moving heavy weights at a slow pace, you eliminate any momentum that might help get the weights up faster and make it easier on the muscle," said Mr. Hahn, who owns Serious Strength, a gym on the Upper West Side.



(via Gawker)