Warren Ellis on Eastern Standard Tribe

Well, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom has only been out for a month, but it's already time to get cracking on Eastern Standard Tribe, my next novel, which Tor's publishing next November. There's been an excerpt online for a year now, and my editor's been sending me drop-dead gorgeous comps of the cover-art. I've recently started sending the book around to prospective blurbers in order to cadge a cover-quote. Warren "Transmetropolitan" Ellis let me email him a copy yesterday, and today, he wrote about it in his BADSIGNAL email newsletter. Based on his initial impressions, I have a feeling the quote's gonna be hellagood.

I'm eight chapters into Cory Doctorow's
new novel and I want to drink his blood.

published in November. Cory emailed
it over last night for me to read and
provide a cover blurb. Here I am
still slowly building something called
STEALTH TRIBES and Cory sends
something called EASTERN STANDARD
TRIBE. You can imagine how happy
I was. So far, the book is striking
minors off the same chords as
STEALTH TRIBES. Plus, it's really
bloody well-written. Me kill Cory
Doctorow now.

I'll write a nice blurb for his book first,
though. It can be the doomed bastard's
epitaph. I'll send a squad of finely-
trained San Francisco Death Pervert
Girls into his warehouse home, and
they will wear his dangly bits as
grisly murder trophies.