British junk-food reviews

Dave Green of NTK has launched Snackspot, an absolutely hilarious blog devoted to new developments in British junk-food.

"Lee Maguire" spotted Red Bull Sugar Free (90p, a newsagents in London), commenting that it "tastes exactly like regular Red Bull – I assume it's for people who want energy, but not *too much* energy". Disappointingly, he failed to provide a picture, so loses out to the slightly more photogenic prospect of Private Energy, a "premium-priced ginseng-enhanced energy drink" from the (Netherlands-based?) adult entertainment company. The drink's imminent UK launch will presumably incorporate the same "attractive collector-style cans featuring some of Private's most popular stars", while the ginseng content is intended to enhance "adult activities" (ie, voting? driving a minibus with less than 17 seats and weighing no more than 3.5 metric tonnes?) This shouldn't be confused with the (also imminent) UK arrival of alcoholic "Viagra Pops", like Roxxoff, which have been criticised on the grounds that alcoholic drinks "should not suggest any association with sexual success". Nonetheless, feel free to get in touch with any sightings/ trial results you have of those – or performance enhancements you've noticed with other energy drinks, like Lucozade Solstis or RAC 124.



(via Oblomovka)