"Internet 0 — Bringing IP to the Leaf Node"

Here are my notes from "Internet 0 — Bringing IP to the Leaf Node," Raffi Krikorian's talk at ETCON:

IP "stuff" is expensive, but we can IPify more cheaply if the devices can manage
the complexity themselves.

Barcelona: really pissed to see "expressive" Gaudi beuildings being knocked
through with holes to accomodate power, network, etc. Why can't expressivity and
power/network be built into matter?

[[Shows video of lightbulbs with httpds in them and light-switches with
user-agents that work like regular lightswtiches over TCP/IP. You can move the
lightswitch to anywhere else in the building an it will still control the same
bulb. When you attack a new lightswitch, it doesn' tknow what bulb it controls.
You program the switch by touching the switch and the bulb with tweezers that
causes them both to announce that they've been touched and creates an

India: metering the power grid. Lots of power in India is stolen through
linetaps. Breaks the grid, can kill you. Need a way to detect theft and it's too
expensive to use poeple and conventional meters.

Sol'n: IP power-metersm, per village, use power-lines for transporting data
about how much current is sent and received so you can identify where power is
stolen. Byproduct is that you're creating 100kb/s connectivity to rural Indian