SCO stages high-stakes Prisoner's Dilemma

SCO, a vendor whose claims to ownership of code and concepts embedded in Linux are such transparent dumbfuckery that it's a wonder they don't vanish up their own assholes, leaving behind puckered, foul-smelling singularities, has decided to embark upon a high-stakes version of the Prisoner's Dilemma, a perennial game-theorist's favorite.

In this edition of the Dilemma, SCO is offering to hold harmless from future litigation any commercial Linux user who will pay them a "license fee" for their nonsensical, notional intellectual property interest in Linux.

Of course, the danger of SCO bringing suit against a commercial Linux user is directly correlated with the amount of money SCO has in the bank to pay lawyers to file its suits. So, if no one pays, no one gets sued. If everyone pays, no one gets sued. If some people pay, everyone else gets sued.

So, if you work for a company that's thinking of buying off the racketeering crooks at SCO, think again. We can all hang together on this one, or we'll all hang separately.