You Might Be An Anti-Spam Kook If...

A truly wonderful bit of net-lore: "You Might Be An Anti-Spam Kook If..."

# you have discovered the Final Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem (FUSSP).

# you are the first to think of the FUSSP.

# you started looking for the FUSSP after observing that it is impossible to filter more than 99% of spam with fewer than 0.1% false positives by currently available mechanisms.

# despite being the inventor of the FUSSP, you are unfamiliar with "false positive," "false negative," "UBE," "tarpit," "teergrube," "Brightmail," "Postini," "SpamAssassin," "DNS blacklist," "HELO," "RBL," or "mail envelope."

# you plan to make money by licensing the FUSSP.

# you don't plan to make a fortune from the FUSSP, but you do expect fame as its generous and public spirited netizen inventor.

# you are deeply hurt and angry because you are not respected as "spam fighter."


(Thanks, Jim!)