Art for cockroaches

The Viennese arts/science collective Monochrom has put together an exhibit called "Art for Cockroaches." Every month, a different arts group is invited to design an environment in which Monochrom's tribe of giant South American cockroaches are placed, to act as audience for, and aesthetic judges of the work. There's a 24/7 webcam on the little critters, and the next environment (based on Mars-scapes) goes live next week.

"The errant because otherwise constantly resting regiment of comedic Punchiorettes of Zecantros" presents "Freedom Or Liver Loaf" // About the work: What may art for cockroaches mean? Do you really have to confront the roaches with themselves? With their blattopterian sociopathies? We like to conceive of art as a means of social intervention: the roaches are confronted with the radical option of eating or going free. A cockroach-gallery solid as a liver-loaf. You can either eat it and savour the moldy serendipity of the golden cage in which you choose to stay, or you can abdicate and escape into the wild freedom of the Electric Avenue.