Collaborative object-sexing

This object-sexer is a hot-or-not site that asks you to express your feelings about the probable gender of inanimate objects (these tins of soup are considered "male" by 61.4% of respondents).

To quote Ken Campbell's astonishing Wol Wontok (an annotated translation of pieces of Macbeth into South Seas Island pidgin, and my kingdom for a decent link for this), "You know that [linguistic] organization where things are masculine, feminine or neuter, and ridiculously so in German, so you might say, 'Where is the turnip?' and the reply might be, 'She is in the kitchen.' And then you say, 'Where is the young English maiden?' and the reply would be, 'It has gone to the opera.' Nutty!"


(via Geisha Asobi)